• Elizabeth Strasswyk, Director

    Elizabeth has a great passion for children’s development and sense of inner growth. She is fascinated with the concept of how children develop and the endless ways teachers can help inspire children’s growth and interests. She believes in the use of imagination as an important tool children can utilize and develop at a very early age. She also values reading stories aloud and encouraging children to tell stories. As well as finding unique ways to illustrate them, build strong communication skills, and expand vocabulary for better self-expression. She places a strong focus on promoting positive change and team collaboration to provide children with age-appropriate, developmentally challenging activities and to promote family connectivity. Elizabeth has a B.A. Degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a Site Supervisor Credential. She also has twelve years of experience teaching and worked for two years as a Director of a previous preschool.

  • Clementina cherry, Teacher

    Miss Clementina has been teaching 2 - 4 year old children for  9 years. She has an AS in Child Development and a Child Development Teacher Permit. Miss Clementina is a dedicated, enthusiastic, positive and loving teacher.

  • Jocelyn Vivas, teacher

    Miss Jocelyn has been teaching preschool children for 9 years. She has an Associate Teacher Certification. Her love of children is very evident in the way she educates and cares for them. She is creative, loving, efficient and energetic. 

  • Kate Zappia, morning assistant

    Miss Kate is our morning assistant teacher in Miss Jocelyn's class. She is more than qualified with a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development as well as a Master Teacher Permit. She has had experience teaching all ages for 19 years. Miss Kate is kind, loving and patient with the children and is always ready and willing to help with whatever is needed. 

  • Wendy Craig-Purcell, Founder

    As Founder of Wee Wisdom Preschool, Wendy Craig-Purcell continues to work closely with preschool Director, Elizabeth Strasswyk, in the leadership and management of the school’s activities.