Our Philosophy

We believe that the most effective learning environment for your child's early development is a balance between popular child-centered approaches and more traditional teacher-directed styles. While our philosophy encourages your child's pursuit of individual interests and unstructured times for play, at Wee Wisdom Preschool we also incorporate the eight subject areas specified by the state of California for Kindergarten readiness (see Curriculum page).

"At Wee Wisdom School we believe there is consummate genius in every child. We believe our job is to help him discover that genius, to teach him how to release it joyously, easily, creatively so that he will live all life joyously and creatively. The mediocre teacher teaches subject matter; the good teacher teaches children; the gifted teacher assists and leads children in experiences that release the creative genius within them." (The Wee Wisdom School Story, Unity Magazine, May 1967)