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At Wee Wisdom Preschool we provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn academically, grow socially and unfold spiritually. Our curriculum combines foundational early childhood education with universal spiritual principles, allowing us to serve a unique niche of parents who desire preschool learning that also embraces your child's spirituality. (By "spiritual" we mean the perennial wisdom and universal truths shared in common at the basis of the world's many sacred traditions.) Our role in guiding your child during the preschool years is, for us, a precious treasure. We embrace them, and teach them to embrace life, wholly--in mind, body and spirit. 

 "The character traits and the thought and reaction patterns a child forms between the ages of three and six will do more to govern the shape of his whole future life than which college he attends, or even whether or not he attends a college." (excerpt from "The Wee Wisdom School Story" Unity Magazine, May 1967)